Restaurant Voice Ordering Support

(Amazon Alexa)

Restaurant voice ordering skills powered by Vocinate offer the convenience of ordering food by voice from your favorite restaurants, regardless of where you find yourself.  These intuitive skills feature the flexibility of being able to choose your preferred restaurant pickup location, set-up multiple delivery addresses, quickly reorder past/favorite orders, and get accurate estimates of when your food will be ready.

Soup To Nuts (or garlic knots)

1. You do have an Amazon Echo/Alexa device, right? 

If not, pop on over to and buy a few [we do not currently support Google Home or Apple Homepod…but we will].

2. Now, you need to install the Alexa Skill.

You can do this manually in the Alexa mobile app (ios | Android)

Once that’s done, you’ll need to Create & Link an account with Vocinate.  You’ll be asked to enter:

  • Your basic contact information,
  • Communication preferences.
  • Restaurant Preferences such as your preferred pickup location, and
  • Payment information (optional).

You can always come back later to add additional information later such as additional delivery addresses (ex. Your home, work, etc.).

3. You can Invoke the skill anytime just by saying “Alexa, Start {Restaurant Name}.”
  • The first time you use the skill, you’ll be sent to the mobile setup page at to save your favorite orders with easy-to-remember names so that when you’re hungry, all you have to tell Alexa which order you want and you’ll be digging in to a great meal before you can say ‘rumpelstiltskin’ (or ‘beetlejuice’) three times.
  • From the mobile set-up page, you’ll be able to do all of the following:
    • Saved Orders -> Review the orders you have already named and saved along with reminders of how to ask Alexa for them.
    • Order History -> View your complete order history provided by the participating restaurant and save your favorites for easy voice ordering.
    • Build & Save An Order -> Use the integrated menu to build a new order from scratch and save it with a unique name for rapid voice ordering.
    • Account & Profile -> You also have the option of updating any of your account and profile preferences.
  • Once the above is done, you’re all set. You can Invoke the skill anytime just by saying
    • “Alexa, Start {restaurantName} or
    • “Alexa, tell {Restaurant Name}, I want my {Favorite Order Name} or
    • “Alexa, tell {Restaurant Name}, I want my “Last Order.”
  • If {restaurantName} offers delivery, Alexa will ask if you if your order is Takeout or Delivery, otherwise it will be assumed to be Takeout.
  • Alexa will confirm your Delivery or Preferred Restaurant Pickup Location (from your account restaurant preferences) and continue with processing your order.
  • At the end, Alexa will tell you everything you’ve ordered, your total cost, confirm your payment method (if applicable), and give you an approximate time that your food will be delivered, or ready for pickup. She will also send you a message with this information.

We hope you enjoy your meal!


The Vocinate voice ordering skills can usually understand what you want using your normal way of speaking.  However, if Alexa gets off track and is not able to understand what you’re requesting, she’ll give you the option of starting over, or speaking directly with a human at the restaurant.

Below is a list of some of the things Alexa is able to do for you together with related example commands:

Command Alexa Action
"Tell {Restaurant Name} I want my last order" Alexa re-orders your last order.  (You can save time by asking Alexa to “Tell {restaurantName}” to perform any valid command without having to invoke the skill first.)
"Start {Restaurant Name}" Alexa starts the skill.
"Last Order" Alexa re-orders your last order.
"I want 'My Usual." You can ask Alexa for any favorite order that you have named and saved just by asking for it by name.
"Build An Order" Alexa sends you a link to build a new order for rapid re-ordering by voice.
"Cancel" Cancels the ordering session.
"Change Pickup Location" Alexa sends the link for you to change the pickup location in your profile.
"I want to edit my profile" Alexa sends the the link for you to make changes to your profile.
“Repeat That” or “Say That Again” Alexa repeats the last thing she said.
"Start Over" Alexa starts the session anew.


If you are having difficulty completing your order, the first thing you should do is call the restaurant and place your order.  We don’t want you going hungry!

However if you have an unanswered question or need help, please contact Vocinate Customer Support via, reference the particular restaurant skill you are using and detail your particular issue.