Vocinate is “Shopify for Voice Commerce”

Businesses are constantly challenged to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. The next massive shift is the explosion of voice computing and personal AI assistants. There are currently about 100 million ‘smart speakers’ (ex. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod) living in people’s homes. By 2022, it’s projected that the US voice commerce market will be worth over $40B. Most businesses will need help to take advantage of these important new sales channels.


Vocinate helps businesses get closer to their customers than ever before; enabling anytime friction-free financial and/or informational transactions. Vocinate enables businesses to virtually move into their customers’ homes. We make it as easy for the corner store (or chain) to exist in the ‘home and hand space’ as it now is for them to occupy a page on the web. Our ‘conversational commerce’ Alexa ‘skill’ connects proprietary intuitive voice UX with back-end POS, payment and fulfillment systems. Although applicable to many verticals, our initial focus is the $210 billion US takeout and food delivery market.

Rather than client-crushing sales splits, Vocinate’s disruptive revenue model consists of per-location set-up fees of $250-$500 (depending on menu complexity), recurring per-location monthly platform licenses of $100, and a flat-rate transaction fee $0.25. Within 18 months of closing our “Series Seed” financing, we expect to be serving over 500  locations, generating over $75,000 per month in top line revenue.


  • Restaurant owner demand, requirements, and pricing model validated
  • We are currently deploying the service to our first customer, Hideaway Pizza, a 20-store Midwest chain.
  • Our relationship with POS middleware company, Omnivore, gives us potential access to as many as 50,000 additional restaurant locations.
  • Winner ‘Peak Pitch’ 2018 Pitch Competition (sponsored by Fresh Tracks Capital). 

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Investment Opportunity

The company is currently in the midst of closing a $600k “Series Seed” round of equity financing.  If you are an accredited investor with an interest in this space, we encourage you to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience:

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